Thank You For Making Dance With Utica 
The Biggest Dance Event Utica Has Ever Seen! 
As a Thank You we want to give you a chance to reserve your tickets for Next Year before anyone else.  That's right for a LIMITED TIME you will be able to purchase DISCOUNTED Pre-Sale Tickets for Dance With Utica 2018 before we open sales to the general public.   We only have *50 Tickets*  to give away at the discounted price so DON'T WAIT!
**ONLY 50 Tickets Available**
Dear Future Self,

Please don't miss out on the absolutely amazing dance event that you heard so much about from all of your friends last year.  

Seriously, did you see the pictures? 

I heard that there were over 30 different genres of dance and the classes were jam packed with energy and excitement.  You know you've always wanted to take an African dance there was Yoga and Pilates...and wait there was Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, Tap and West Coast Swing! 


We can't miss it next year.

I'm definitely going to make sure that you don't procrastinate and get your tickets for Dance With Utica 2018 early! 


There is a SPECIAL Pre-Sale Ticket Discount Going On Right Now!

Yeah....Definitely not going to wait.....What if it sells out?

Not a chance I'm going to miss it!
Just in case you forgot how amazing Dance With Utica really was . . . .
Dance With Utica 2017