Bringing Everything DANCE To Downtown Utica!

Growing up as a Dancer in Utica that's what we are always told. . . .
If you want to become a better dancer...
If you want to perform with a company...
If you want to teach at a higher level...
If you want to audition for a company....
.......You Have to LEAVE Utica.
What if you didn’t have to go anywhere?
What if all the classes, teachers, connections and experience came to YOU??
What if you can get the experience that we all have to "leave" Utica for, right in Downtown Utica!
At Dance With Utica YOU CAN!

The First Annual Dance With Utica Event Details
  • July 27 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  •  July 28 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  •  July 29 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
171 Genesee Street is a beautifully renovated space right in the heart of downtown Utica. This industrial space is a unique venue with large wide open spaces overlooking the city.  Perfect for a weekend full of dance and music.
The Story Behind Dance With Utica. . .
Founder/Director of Event, Christina D’Amico, is currently an Owner at O.B. Training & Sports Performance and the founder of Enhance4Dance, a strength-training and injury prevention program for dancers.   She also holds a Masters Degree in clinical nutrition from New York Chiropractic College.  

"Dance goes WAY beyond just dance.  It has changed my life.  My mindset. My thought process. My actions and interactions.  It's not just about dance.  However it wasn't until college that I realized all this. Until I was exposed to different genres, various thought process and approaches, explorations and improvisations, history and techniques.  It wasn't until I was surrounded by such inspiration, thought-provoking, welcoming and talented people that I started to learn what dance really is.  Dance With Utica is a chance to expose the Utica community with just that.  An experience that will change your life."

Come Dance With Utica.!
  • Modern
  •   Ballet
  •  Conteporary
  •  Irish
  •  West Coast Swing
  •  Broadway Jazz
  •  Belly Dancing
  •  Hip Hop
  •  Partnering-Modern
  •  Bachata
  •  Jazz
  •  African Dance
  •  Afro Contemporary
  •   Tap
Fitness / Nutrition
  • Yoga
  •  Pilates
  •  PiYo
  •  Cross Training For Dancers
  •  Hip & Ankle Injury Prevention
  •     Nutrition & Supplements For Dancers
  •  Biomechanics Of Turns

Lecture / Discussions
  • Meditation & Positive Psychology
  • Round Table Discussion: Assessing Pointe Readiness
  • Round Table Discussions: Pre, Intra, Post College Dance

Show off Your business at dance with utica?
Calling all Vendors
The Greater Utica area is filled with great local business and talent. 

Show it off at Dance With Utica by participating as a vendor. 

Share your passion with Utica.

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Dance With Utica 2017
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