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Dance With Utica

We are excited to announce our first every Dance With Utica JUNIORS. 

That's right! DWU is dedicating one entire day to dancers ages 12 and younger. 

Mark your calendars and get your tickets NOW!

Friday, July 19th @ 171 Genesee Street
Modern (Adult) Dance with Caitlyn Schrader
*Limited tickets available 
Looking to warm your body up in this cold, fall weather?

Come, get sweaty with Caitlyn and let her get this excited about YOUR inversion too!

This modern dance class is geared towards dancers 18+ years old with prior dancing experience. We will start dancing on the floor, make our way to standing, quickly get back down on the floor and then groove across the space before diving into some phrase work/choreography. References to cooing babies, chicken wings, royalty, rainbows, and trolls are to also be expected. Playlist almost always includes a mix of oldies and new tunes. Curious yet?! Then come! Let's get sweaty together, learn some new things, and have fun!

Dates: Saturday, November 10th from 10:30am-12:00pm
 The Parish on Broadway
730 Broadway, Utica NY 13502 
Dance With Utica 2019
2 Full Days of Everything Dance!
Dance With Utica is a 2-day (July 27-29th) dance and wellness festival aimed to support, educate, and enhance dance opportunities in the Utica community. This event will bring together local, regional, and professional artists, coming from a variety of performing arts backgrounds, to create a unique experience for the greater Utica area. Dance With Utica is open to all who would like to attend. We welcome you to come enjoy dance and fitness classes, educational seminars, as well as networking and performance opportunities. With the support from the community, sponsors and local dance instructors this event will parallel the revitalization that Utica is craving

**Must be 13 Yrs+ To Attend **

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